Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tour of Hermann 2012

Looks like this year will be one of the best from a numbers and strengtht of field perspective.  It was great to see so many people make the trip to Hermann to enjoy the last Tour of Hermann in this format.

From a promoters perspective things could not have gone smoother from officials to volunteers playing their part to make what makes the TOH what it is. The entire army of 80 volunteers who helped with this race from Saturday to Sunday did an expectational job, could not do this race with out them.

The week leading up to the race is always the most intense, my mind is in a fog thinking and re-thinking all that should be in place and trying to foresee anything I missed.

Saturday the TOH gets started with a 5am start for the TT builders and I.  The highschool for the 2nd year in a row turned out to be a great place to start a TT.

The TT transition to the Crit went super smooth. Many of the volunteers are veterans and Ultramax has been with me for the last 4 years is a big help. You would be surprised at the short amount of time we have to move from TT to Crit to ensure everything starts on time. All did a great job of knowing what to do when to make this happen. Being on time is one if not the most important thing a bike race must have, all weekend long we were on time to the second.

Saturday is the longest day, we don't get done taking everything down and prepping equipment for Sunday until 7pm that night. Then it's time for a huge meal and some beers before crashing for a few hours for another early start on Sunday.

Sunday road race is a shorter but super busy day.  Once categories start finishing their races it's time to tally results, get riders on the podium and payed out so they can make their way home as soon as possible. I know I hate waiting for results and payout so this is a big deal to me. All went as perfect as it can in this area thanks to the volunteer crew who took care of this part.

Sunday comes and goes quick with all this activity, by 3pm the hardware starts to come down and that last item is put back in the shed ready for the next race. As with all my races Danny and Dennis Basumstartk  help me from sun up to sun down each day and we end the race in the gravel lot of the shed ready to go home for some rest.

Thanks to all the racers and volunteers who once again made the TOH a great event.

2013 there will still be a Tour of Hermann, but it will be a two day gravel road race. Keep an eye on the website for more info.

Jeff Yielding


  1. Thanks for a great race! Even though it kicked my a** i throughly enjoyed it and appreciated that fact that it was a well run event. You do good work.

  2. Good job Jeff -
    Looking forward to whatever happens with the event next year. Talk about gravel - Trans Iowa is about 5 hours away from starting - That would be 4:00 in the morning and the weather looks like cold, windy and rain ... the 300+ miles of gravel isn't enough

  3. Anonymous9:17 AM

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