Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some things don't go as planned (Base week 9)

This week was a keep it low key week, needed some rest and Hillsboro RR was Saturday. I had the new bike all ready to go....

Then Saturday AM the radar looked like this.

Jose and I opted to stay home. Just one of those things where you have to make the call based on what you think might happen.

Not all was lost, got alot of Tour of Hermann stuff done and made plans for a long ride on Sunday.

But, more storms were in the forecast, so it was out the door at 6:30 for what was 5 hours of sweet gravel. The gravel was perfecto.

Headed out to Cedar Cross grounds with a turnaround at the Nuclear Plant.

Then made my way home with a mix of grave roads I made up as I went along. Sometimes just going where you want is just as fun as a well planned out route.

A storm started to brew near the end so it was time to make my way home.

Another great day of gravel and another day of prep for Cedar Cross.

Fitness continues to build. High end stinks but there is a good base there.

This week things get super busy with Tour of Hermann prep and promotion.  Some bike time will happen but it's more about making this last Tour of Herman the best it can be. 

146 days till cross!


  1. Looking forward to the last edition of the TOH RR, Jeff. You put on quality events and this one will be missed by many. I am looking forward to next years race though....

  2. Next year = two day endurance gravel road race. April 2013

    See you Sunday.