Monday, March 19, 2012

Base Week 5 and Nurtrition

Another solid week of training despite all the rain and thunderstorm dodging.  Had two awesome workouts, Friday and Sunday, that ranked up there as season bests.

Fitness is growing

On the nutrition side of things I've been reading and researching new products that are low in sugar and easy on the digestive system.  I landed on Hammer Nutrition. I know they have been around for a long time and the company name is nothing new to many,  but if you have not looked at them in some time, take another look.

What I like
  • Gel - great for under 2 hour workouts in the 5 serving flask. No more individual packets that get sticky and generate trash.
  • Perpetuem - for workout longer than 2 hours this stuff is awesome. I've tested the one hour bottle process twice now; last Friday on a 2.5 hour hammer ride and Sunday on an 83 mile ride. Result was never feeling a loss of power or hunger. Amazing you can get all you need for nutrition and hydration in one bottle. I also like the fact this allows you to carry less on the ride. 
  • Endurolytes Fizz - I tend to cramp, dropping one of these in my water bottle is easy and convenient. Jury is out still on cramps. I did try to push the ride on Sunday during the last 15 miles so that I would cramp. Normally this is the time of the ride where it will happen. No cramps.
  • Recoverite - Good stuff too, today after the long Sunday ride I feel fresh with no soreness.
So there you go, it's worth a look of you are looking for new products.

174 days till cross starts!


  1. Nice write up. Thanks.

  2. I use all that stuff too. Love it. When I did the Breck 100 I did it almost completely on Perpetuem alone. Had 6 scoops in each bottle. A little thick but it got me the calories I needed.