Monday, March 26, 2012

Base Week 6 (half way)

Base is now half done after 6 weeks of good solid work on the bike.  I did a quick look at Jan 1st to now 2011 vs. 2012  mean max chart to see if I'm over or under last years progress. Keep in mind not all things are consistent from year to year but it's still a good gage.  I'm more interested in w/kg at the 1 min plus mark and pleased with progress.

Fitness feels good and growing.

I had plans to race Lost Valley on Sunday, but the rain and potential mud race scared me away.  In the end it looked like a great turn out and appeared the trail was in good shape. I opted instead for a 5+ hour gravel ride in prep for Cedar Cross. It ended up being 80 miles. I did an 80 miles road ride last Sunday, comparing the two rides it's amazing how much more work a gravel ride requires vs. road. I was whooped at the end of the day. Not ready yet for 113 miles that will be required for Cedar Cross.

Photo from Sunday that cracked me up.

167 days till cross starts!


  1. Bummed you didnt make it to the race. Trails were great with only a few slashes here and there the first lap.

    You riding CX or MTB for Cedar-X? I am on the fence but pretty sure I will end up on a hybrid MTB with cx tires for comfort and to spend more time on my MTB.

  2. Im going with CX bike, much faster than my 26" mtb. I like to run a 44x700 front tire, normal cx tire on the reat, helps get through any new gravel that may be out there and will help with some of the single trak. Looking forward to this event, will be a challenge just to finish. And if the weather stinks it will be tough.