Monday, March 05, 2012

Base Week 3

Local rider Jose is super pumped for this years racing season. He is a good 3 weeks ahead of me from a fitness perspective which is good and bad. Good in that he pushes me to work harder as I try to catch up to where he is, but bad in the fact he tends to drop me on occasion during our training rides. I don't like getting dropped by Jose, so Jose, if you are readying, watch out  :)

Thursdays have turned into a hilly hammer fest day for the three of us that ride on a regular basis in Herman; Jose, Dennis and I.  We hit up the first 12 miles of the road race and back and use the KOM as a sprint point to see who will be king for the day. So far Jose is King. It is one of those training days you know will be hard, one of those days you look forward to all week and one of those days you get to test your self.

Training continues to move along well, fitness is coming back as the rides get longer and harder each week. I'm not following such a rigid plan this time around for this 12 week base block. The goal is to get as much riding in as I can, strength three days a week, hilly hammer ride on Thursday and a long ride on Sunday.  Focus is to move the fitness number now at 48.7 to 80+ at at 3 to 5 point weekly growth rate.

After three weeks

188 days till cross starts!

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