Monday, February 27, 2012

Froze Toes

Froze Toes on my CX bike is not the best idea. I can get away with it on hilly road races, but when you mix in 25mph winds, flat roads and  206 max cadence; that equals drop.

Overall good time, good work out.

Entire workout (174 watts):

Duration: 2:39:27

Work: 1660 kJ

TSS: 163.4 (intensity factor 0.785)

Norm Power: 204

Distance: 46.482 mi

             Min Max Avg

Power: 0/ 672/ 174 watts

Cadence: 30/ 206/ 86 rpm

Speed: 0/ 34.3/ 17.4 mph


  1. 206 max cadence? Did you ride on a single speed?

  2. Almost: single chain ring on front (42) - I don't have or want a road bike, this is my cross bike with road tires on it. I can do races like Hellbender and State no problem on this bike. Unless there is a 25 mph tail wind I guess.