Friday, March 30, 2012

2012 is the last Tour of Hermann

FYI - This year will be the last Tour of Hermann. It will be the 5th and final addition. If you've been on the fence about doing this race you should hop off and make the commitment to compete, it's the last chance you'll have.

 Why? I want to do something else. I have the time and energy to do two races a year, this one and Dogfish CX in Hermann. DFCX will remain, you'll find a new event from me next year. Can't say what or when yet, but after the TOH you'll see some splashes of info of a totally new and different event that will tour Hermann. But for now enjoy the last TOH and thanks for all that have supported it over the years.


  1. Sorry I can't make it Jeff! Thanks for putting on such great races!

  2. Thanks for the good times of touring Hermann. Cant wait to hear whats in store for next year.