Monday, November 21, 2011

The rest of the season

After Derby Cup I got nailed with 5 cold sores, ouch. I don't get them often and try hard to keep from getting ill, but this time I was not so lucky. And on top of that I can't shake a small amount of congestion in my chest.  Those two put together has forced me get some rest before the final leg of the cross season begins.

I skipped this past weekends events due to above info which leaves me with 8 races ending with a bang at Nationals and Worlds.

11/27 Bubba CX

12/3 Boss Cross (KC) 40+
12/4 MO State CX Men123
12/11 Bubba CX
12/18 Veldrijden (Columbia, IL)
12/26 - No race Christmas
12/31 - Cross off the Old Year (KC)  

1/7 Nationals CX
1/14 Masters Worlds CX


  1. Get well - Probably needed some rest??? Plenty of time before Nats.

  2. One more day of rest should do the trick...