Monday, November 14, 2011

USGP Derby City Cup Weekend Report

USGP Derby City Cup this past weekend was a blast all around. Lots of strong local MO riders there along with others from all over the Midwest and beyond.

Dawndi came along with me on this trip so I booked a really cool Bed and Breakfast, The Columbine, near the University in a super old neighborhood  known primarily for its magnificent Richardsonian Romanesque architecture.

The room and innkeepers were awesome, they had miniature schnauzers like we do so breakfast talk was dominated by how awesome and fun we think our dogs are. One of the best things about these places is the breafast part. Here is Saturday breakfast.

I also mapped out some of the best antiques malls Louisville had to offer before and after the Saturday race. They were cool to look at but not near what MO has to offer from a price perspective. They are more for decorators is the best way to put it. Did not find any deals but we did have fun looking.
Joe Leys Antiques had it all from bikes... carnival mirrors

Race time is getting close so we head to the race site for day 1. Bib number 33 put me 4th row in the 35+ race.  My goal: top 20

Start was a long paved stretch, much like in Hermann, before we hit grass. We all got off the line ok and away we went an warp speed for lap 1. The first lap I felt like I hit my max and stayed that way for what was a 9min 45 sec lap, leaders did a 9:08 first lap. After the first lap I was in 24th place and felt flat. I did not have the power I normally expect and could not get on top of the pedals. Despite consistent lap times I was not passing anyone. Bottom line I was not going fast.
Lap 1 9:45
Lap 2 9:47
Lap 3 9:49
Lap 4 9:39
Lap 5 9:49

Overall 4 min 11 seconds off first place put me in 30th place. Not horrid by any means but I knew I could do better.

After the race we hit another few antique malls, drove around a lot and had a great dinner.

Sunday arrives, another great breakfast with more schnauzer talk and we got to meet the innkeepers dogs as we left for the race site. 

We get there in time to see the cat 2/3 race which had John Jones, Casey Saunders, Brett Heuring and a ton of STL and KC racers in what was a huge 140 field race. Casey and Brett put on a great race almost reaching the podium coming in 4th and 5th, great race guys.

Day 2 I felt much more relaxed and ready to go. 4th row again and away we go but not so clean off the line this time. Not more than 30 yards into the race a rider or two hit the fence, a bike goes flying  and the sound of bikes hitting stuff is in the air. I coast a bit to see where the flying bikes would land and just get by then peg it down the pavement still in good shape.

I could tell right away I was going to have a better day. I felt normal again, good power and this time on top of the gears pushing hard.

Few changes to the course made for short laps ,this time  I crossed the line in about 25th potion for a lap 1 time of 9:17, leaders at 8:48. Again it was a fast first lap but I played it more conservative this time, not so much red line this time. The remaining 4 laps I was feeling good catching and passing riders, a real race this time.

Lap 1 9:17
Lap 2 8:52
Lap 3 9:01
Lap 4 9:00
Lap 5 9:02

Ended up 18th, this time only 2min 1 second off first place. Much better.

Long drive home so we quickly loaded up and made our way back to Hermann.

Not a great 1st day but day 2 made up for it. Great event, super professional and a blast to race with so many fast riders. Big thanks to all that gave me shouts outs and position calls, that was cool!

One of the goals this weekend was to lower my USA Cycling Cross average for staging purposes at Nationals. Day two gave me a 247.05 which did help lower it by 10 points for a current average of 265.19. 

Event NameRaceRace DatePlacePoints
USGP Cyclocross-Derby City Cup35-99 Master Cat 1/2/311/13/201118247.05
USGP Cyclocross-Derby City Cup35-99 Master Cat 1/2/311/12/201130276.00
Boulevard Cup CyclocrossMaster 40-99 Master11/6/20111275.54
360 CupMaster 40-99 Master11/5/20111273.08
Boss Cross Cyclocross #3Master 40-99 Master10/30/20112283.32

Bubba Memorial Cylocross SeriesCat1/2/310/23/201117425.18
Bubba Memorial Cylocross SeriesCat1/2/310/16/20115305.41
Bubba Memorial Cylocross SeriesCat1/2/310/16/20115313.07
Cross Out CancerCat1/2/310/9/20116310.53
Boss Cross Cyclocross #1 and #2Master 40-99 Cat1/2/3/410/2/20112287.39
Boss Cross Cyclocross #1 and #240-99 Master10/1/20112284.03
PICX #2Masters 40+9/25/20111319.53
Gateway Cross CupCat 1/2/3/49/21/20118275.44
Gateway Cross Cup40-99 Master9/21/20111277.22
Dogfish Cross Hermann MOMasters 40+9/18/20111278.11
Dogfish Cross Hermann MOMasters 40+9/17/20111278.11
PICX #1Masters 40+9/11/20111381.59
Epic Holiday CyclocrossCat 1/2/3/41/2/20113288.53
Boss Cross #4 Missouri State ChampionshipsMaster 40-99 Cat 412/4/20102283.61
Boss Cross #4 Missouri State ChampionshipsCat 1/2/3/4/512/4/20106343.23
Current Rank Points265.19

Next up Mt. Pleasant Winery Bubba Cross in Augusta. Great for spectators!


  1. Way to go, Jeff. You just keep getting better and better. Yesterday I crashed out of the rest of the season doing some practice runs down the Mt Krumpit hill on the Jingle Cross course - breaking my thumb.
    Good luck with the rest of the season AND NATIONALS!!!

  2. "Great for spectators!"

    .. and nothing else.

    Nice job, Jeff. Wished I could have made it down.

  3. Well dome and right on getting Less points for the big races.

  4. Dude, I'm super jealous of the fact that you've been able to do ALL that racing, and the season is only like 1/2 over! Nice work.


  5. John - super bad news on the thumb, heal quick.

    Scott, if we get rain on Sunday this will be interesting.

    Kat - thanks, hope to see you all at Nats.

    Coach - see you Sunday, I'm sure you'll make it easy on us, and if it rain, o boy!