Monday, October 17, 2011

Bubba CX 2

Things are looking good for Bubba CX in STL this year. Seems like the Gateway Cross Cup equipment has found it's way into the series which resulted in some major course creation tool upgrades. New stakes for one, gone are the 2 foot tall back breaker wood stakes, nice white iron fence and other small details here and there that make things look pro.  It's a ton of work putting on a cross race; Mike with his crew do it 12 times a year which deserves a ton of thanks!

It was bumpy and dusty but I really like the course. The lanes were wide and consistent with a creative use of the elevation which included some super fast sections and good uphill climbs.

The typical STL A racers were there at 3 to get things started; Devin, Dan, Mike, Josh, Brett, Jay and more. Like last year Devin and Dan were off the front setting the pace. Kurt Fletcher was in good form as he broke off in chase of the Hub Duo followed by Casey who also is showing good form and strong results.

After several laps the pecking order  and gaps had been established. I was sitting in 5th place with Casey up on me by about 30 seconds. I found my rhythm finding places I could put in hard efforts then recover. Three spots on course favored me well; the gravel section leading up to the barriers and two climbs after the pavement. I was able to gain ground on Casey here but it took me about 4 or 5 laps to finally bridge up.

Once there we had 4 laps to go, my plan was to watch him for a lap to find a good place to attack which would hopefully put me in 4th.  I guess the chase took alot out of me, as we started lap three he upped the pace a bit and put me on the defense just trying to hold on. I had my troubles holding and he got the gap back I worked so hard to cover.

Ended the day 5th after what was a fun hard day at the races.

Top 6
  1. Dan
  2. Kurt
  3. Casey
  4. Devin
  5. Me
  6. Mike

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