Monday, October 10, 2011

Cross out Cancer Race Report

A day spent in KC that I would describe as windy, bumpy, dusty, twisty, fast and hot.

Cat 1/2/3 field was small but large on talent. I'll start with results first so you can see who raced. These guys made for an hour of action that saw allot of lead changes.

Off we go with Tilford taking the lead never looking back as he was clear after the first lap.

  • I hung with Tilford for a lap then off he went never to be seen again.
  • Mills was on fire as he patiently moved his way up over the hour long race to end up 2nd on the day.
  • Britton did the same coming from what seemed like nowear to pass through the group I was with, drop us and finish 3rd.
  •  Hejduk was riding strong but a slide out and chain issue put a damper on his day.
  • Larry, Ryan, Michael and I spent alot of the day trading places. Micheal eventually lost the gap he created with a chain issue, Larry had some tough times with the corners and Ryan put in  two lap dig that eventually caught me at the end of the last lap.

Overall a hard race, did all I could to get 6th on the day.

Next up Bubba CX series starts with Sat and Sun races.



  1. Jeff... Are you not doing Bubba Cx 1? Missed CX this weekend.

  2. Hey Scott, yep, just Sunday, can't get away on Saturday. See you there.