Monday, October 03, 2011

Boss Cross 1 and 2 Race Reports

Good times in KC was had this weekend at Boss Cross.  The weather was just about as good as you can get in October; sunny skies, cool temps and no wind... awesome.

It was good to see all the KC racers whom I've gotten to know better through the Hermann and Gateway Cross races this  year, always friendly ready to serve out a high dose of competitive racing.

Goal for Boss Cross is to take home that crazy orange 40+ leaders jersey at the end of this 4 race series. Saturday I saw David Hejduk, Bill Marshall and almost Tom Price lining it up in the 40+ group among many other strong 40+ plus racers.

Day one started  with David off the front fast followed by Bill and a few others. I had a crappy clip in which set me further back from David and Bill than I would have liked.
David killing it on the front

I pushed a solid pace passing those between Bill and I then settled into 3rd place with Bill up the road a bit and David way up the road out of sight.

Chasing Bill

Still Chasing Bill
From my vantage point I could tell Bill was faster on the straight power sections but I had him on the technical stuff.  Going into the last lap I covered the gap and was finally on his wheel. Just past the barriers before the technical stuff I attacked taking over 2nd, got a gap and kept it to the finish line. David of course held on for the win.

Day 1 Results

Day two arrived treating us to another awesome day.  I knew I would need to get on Davids wheel from the start then try to hold on if I had any shot of winning the race. 

Start of day 2

Had a great start right on David wheel as we quickly got a  gap on the field. I held on to a manageable 5 second gap for about 3 laps. I lost ground in the marathon sand sections and the straights, the technical sections I would pull back some time.

Fun uphill technical section

At the start of lap 4 he opened a gap I could not bring back. With 3 to go we would yo yo between 13 and 24 seconds all the way to the end. It was a good hard race from start to finish, one I'm sure will aid in making us both faster down the road.
Day 2 results

David leads the 4 race series by 10 points with two races left. Boss Cross 3 is October 30th followed by BS4 Dec 3rd. You never know what will happen over the next two races. This is what makes cross so much fun!

Next up this Sunday  Cross out Cancer, will be racing M1/2/3 this time.


  1. Congratulations and well done! Always fun to read your race reports!

  2. Thanks Kat, having a blast!