Monday, September 26, 2011

PICX 2 Race Report

Cool course yesterday in Alton for PICX race number 2. Hilly and fast was the flavor of the day. The park was  awesome, wide open with lots of facilities.

When I arrived it looked like the turnout was great, big fields in the early races. I hear it was the best turn out ever for these races.

The Open/ Masters 40+ was not a reflection of turnout on the day, the turnout was light but that did not diminish the quality of racing.

These guys pushed the pace right from the start.
Josh, Devin and Casey top three

I did al I could to stay on the wheel of Josh and this group but eventually fell off riding solo the rest of the day fending off Rock and Aaron who were working hard to chase me down.
Trying to chase them down
Thanks to Mike D for taking these pics

I ended up 4th overall and took the win in the the 40+ cat.

Next up Boss Cross!

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  1. Thanks for making the trip again, Jeff. Hope you had a good time.