Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dogfish Cross in Hermann Race Report

What a weekend!  The build up to cyclocross is one of my favorite times of the year. September nears and I know Dogfish Cross in Hermann is close, I always have high hopes for a great event. 
This year did not disappoint. Riders from all over the place came to Hermann to test their cross skills and fitness.  I truly enjoy putting this race on. I have a deep seeded passion  for cyclocross; this is my way of sharing that and giving something to cross to help it grow. 
There are so many folks to thank for their efforts this weekend, it's a huge team effort that requires a ton of work and man power. One big piece of the puzzle is my wife, totally supportive of bike racing and the two events we put on.
Dawndi and I at registration
New this year were the masters categories, 30,40 and 50+,  good turn out which I think will grow as the event continues and word gets out about this option.  My goal for the weekend was the 40+ Source Endurance Leaders Jersey. So lined up with 14 other 40+ guys and off we went for day one.

Start of Saturday 40+ Race


Sat 40+ race first lap up the stairs

Took an early and held on to it for 1st place. Shea Bergman  put on a heck of a charge for most of the race. He made it a race from start to finish pushing to close the gap which kept me on the gas the entire time. One mishap, bad corner or slide out would have erased the 15-20  second lead I had on him. The race was a blast.

Podium day one, got the jersey.

Results Day 1

The plan now was to clean up and race again under the lights for the last race of the night. It was a great night for a race, the crowd was loud and ready for a show down.

Night Race!
They got one but not with me in it. Rider from my six touched my tire, took me off line into Travis, whom I leaned on for a few seconds until I fell to ground just 50 yards down the pavement start stretch.  I did get up and completed a lap but as I looked over my wounds I started to think my best bet was to stop and clean up so I could compete for the 40+ jersey on Sunday.
Trashed Jersey from Saturday Night

Up the next day feeling good despite some major road rash and a crooked pinky, I was ready to lay it all out there for the repeat. It rained some that night making for a completely different course, it was splashy slippery mud.

First pass through the sand pit
Getting caked with mud
Took the early lead again but this time Michael Gaherty  was the one I mixed it up with. He did take the lead away from me for a a few laps with his power down the long paved section. I was able to get it back through the technical stuff.  With 4 to go and on his wheel I drafted down the pavement section then attacked as we hit the grass. Got the gap I was looking for and kept it to the finish, but not without him reducing the gap here and there as we finished up the remaining 4 laps, it was another great race from start to finish.

Sunday Podium

That's  what cyclocross is all about!

Photos here by Dan Singer, check out the rest of his awesome work plus others here


  1. Amazing weekend, Jeff. great pics of you in the leaders jersey.

  2. Outstanding, Jeff. We wouldn't expect anything less.
    Hopefully we'll be down next year.

  3. My first Hermann cross, but well worth the trip from STL. Already looking forward to next year