Monday, September 12, 2011

Cross Has Started (PICX Race Report)

The crew over in Alton were nice enough to move their first race of the season to Sunday making it easy to schedule this as the first race of the season.

The Men's Open A race and 40+ A raced together, I opted to enter the 40+ as I will take advantage of my age when I can :)

Jay took the lead as we made our way around the short course at a somewhat conservative pace. Then the 2 man Big Shark team of Josh and Jon took over, Jon leaped off the front not to be seen again, follwed by Josh, Devin and me. I soon fell off Josh and Devin now in no mans land.

I kept things under control not wanting to blow up early in the race trying to chase down Josh and Devin, so I plowed away with a solid pace working on smooth lines.

After things got spread out over several laps Brett, who is riding strong, could be seen 15 or sec behind me and Devin 30 sec up ahead looked to be solo now chasing Josh. 

I had two options, try and stay away from Brett, which would boring, or let him catch up and we could duke it out the rest of the way.

I opted with the duke it out option, two are always faster than one anyway and it would give us our best option to catch Devin.

We traded laps pushing the pace and did make up ground on Devin, we made him work for it at least.

On the last lap I attacked Brett on the final uphill section getting a gap large enough to carry me to the finish 4th overall and 1st in the 40+ category.

Brett and I working to catch Devin (Photo by Mike)

Final Results

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  1. Thanks for making the trip and bringing new faces to the race. It was a blast but I am whooped from the weekends efforts building, racing, tearing down. Looking forward to next weekend.