Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cross Prep

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day getting stuff ready for the upcoming cross season. One item on the list was gluing on a set of Dugast Rhinos to a new set of Rokkit wheels.

I enjoy gluing on tires but I'll be the first to tell you I'm no expert. I tend to get a bit messy so some extra precautions are needed.

There are a ton of ways to glue on tires, here are a few things I do.

All the stuff out and ready. Takes about 6 tubes of glue, I like the tubes over a can as I find it easy to spread the glue on the tire better. The brushes are multi purpose that you can find at any hardware store.

Like I said I can get messy so I don't want to mess up these pretty wheels and tires with a excess glue so I wrap them up good with painters tape.

I use my trainer to mount the tire for easy glue application. Wheel geta three coats of glue.

I lay the tire on the hood of my car and apply three coats.

I alternate back and forth between the tire and wheel with glueing applications. By the time I'm done with the tire the wheel is dry enough for another coat. I do all steps in one sitting, I've found no need to let things dry for a day between coasts.

Here is where things can get messy.

With the tire on I pump it up to 60 and let it sit for a few days before it's ready to ride on.

I take the tape off and apply sealer to the side walls. Im using this product this year, I think it will work the same and you get more for your money.

The pay off is mounting the wheels on the bikes.

This year I have Challenge Fangos on one Easton wheels, Rhinos on the the other. Based on race day conditions I will choose what feels the best for that particular event conditions then put the other bike in the pit.

Easton bike weight = 17.3
Rokkit bike weight = 18.4

27 days till cross starts!


  1. Looking good, Jeff. How about the first stage - stretching the tires over some wheels? ehh no, breaking your piggy bank to buy the tubies is first.
    I had very small glass cut in a brand new tubular last week and I was able to seal it with the Vittoria Pit Stop product - slick. 10 dollars saved a 90$ tire.

  2. Thanks John

    Stretched them out last week for a good solid week on the wheels. These were tough getting on, good thing I had them covered up or I would have made a huge mess.

    Good tip on Pit Stop, will check that out.