Monday, August 15, 2011

Cross Practice in Hermann

Few of us in Hermann headed out to where I work Sunday, set up a short 2.5 min course and went to work.

We do it right in Hermann, barriers and all. Helps when you have a shed full of CX race equipment too :)

After a few 1 and 2 lap all out efforts followed by a 20 min race we shifted our attention to skills.

I love doing this: carve out a small technical area that takes about 30 sec to 1 min. Needs to be as technical as you can get it with lots of turns, some off camber stuff and what ever else you can mix in. High intensity is not important for these.

5 times one direction timing each effort. Then 5 times the other way. The fun part is trying to beat your best time, find places you can take a risk or rail a corner as fast as you can the point you slide out. Trying to power your way through will not equal a fast time, technique is the key.

Here are out times.

Post practice sandwich, yum!

25 days till cross!


  1. Awesome Jeff!
    I like the idea of doing sub splits on each successive lap. JJ and I run laps with a no braking rule quite regularly. Hones in the cornering skills... Can't wait til HermannCX!!!

  2. Got just the place for such a task and trusty steed ready to take it on.

  3. Go getum guys, Ira I know I will see you in Hermann, what about you and Wendy Jim?