Friday, August 12, 2011

Micro Bursts

With the first CX race just 28 days away CX training is in full swing. The shift from heavy endurance, tempo and threshold training has shifted to higher intensity. The first week was tough getting adjusted but now some adaptation has occurred.

One of my favorite workouts are Micro Bursts. I'm sure there are a million variations out there but I thought I would share what approach I take.

Micro- bursts. 15 seconds ON and 15 seconds OFF.
Each block is 15 seconds ON- go to (160%) ON, and (60%) OFF- 15 seconds is OFF period.

Sets and how long you do the micro burst interval is up to you, for example you might do 4 sets of 5 min or 3 sets of 10 min. The idea is short high intensity efforts followed by a short recovery. You can see clearly from the image above where the bursts are, that work out was 4 sets of 5 min. I promise you what ever variation you take these will hurt.

This weekend I plan to glue these on as I fine tune the bikes for this year. More on that later...

29 days till cross starts!

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