Sunday, May 15, 2011

1 hour temp workout with a kick

If you are looking for a tempo level workout with a kick to it, this is it. And it's a great work out to compare power files as you do the same workout over time.

Start with a good warm up
For 1 hour set your pace to 76-90% of threshold
Within the hour do a 10 second out of the saddle burst every 3 min @ 185% threshold (20 in all)

I've done this workout now 3 times over the past month.
My threshold is 260w so I was looking to average 197 to 234w for the 1 hour of work
Power bursts at 481w+

For a work out like this I push to hit the upper level of the target the best I can.

Here is a graph of the third work out.
Average watts 238
10 second burst average 483w
Not much to look at unless you compare it to the 1st and 2nd time I did this same work out.

Here is a comparison of the third time, most resent (red) vs the first time (green) I did this. Average power was 26 watts higher and every 10 second power burst was higher by almost an average of 100 watts.

Here are the hard numbers for each of three workouts

You might think a 1 hour interval like this would be boring, it's not. The 3 min 10 seconds bursts keep you on your toes as three min comes up quick. I do this on the Katy trail to limit gear changes and I don't have to worry about stopping for traffic or stop signs.

Now is the rain would stop I might be able to get in a good MTB race one of these days. Really hope we get good weather this week so Indian Camp 3 hour can happen.

Almost here
117 days til cross!

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