Monday, May 02, 2011

Training Update

This season I've tweaked the plan just a bit to build a bigger base/ training load before working on the high end stuff. With a good 12 weeks of base behind me and now 1 block of threshhold training complete things continue to grow and develop like I want.

Lots of time in the endurance and tempo range.

Just hit 73.3 CTL after Sundays ride. Hit a good 3 min effort and seeing solid 30 to 60 min numbers.

Good look at last season compared to this season.

More hours on the bike this year and ahead of where my CTL was this same time last year. Looking to reach 95 to 100 CTL before the cross training drop begins. This season I will also do a two week mid cross season CTL build too, this should get me to the end of Jan feeling good.

Saturday I hope to get to the Greensfelder MTB race, that will be a good 3 hour race effort test. Then Rhetts run and Indian Camp 3 hour MTB races.

I'm really looking forward to June; State Road Race and Hellbender RR back to back weekends. For some reason I'm itching to do some raod races.

If you've not checked out the updated web site you should.

130 til cross starts!

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