Saturday, July 17, 2010

Power Demands of a Dirt Crit

Data from Dirt Crit 3
Fast dry course

It's interesting to see the power demands of a Dirt Crit primarily because DC's are as close to cross as you can get in July.

Spikes all over the place.

Power Distribution by watts

Power by training zone taking zeros out.
Cool new feature of WKO is the multi range analysis. I'm able to pull out the crit data and campare them to each other. The numerical data is more useful to me then the graphs. This one really shows if improvements are being made.

Another good graph to check form and fitness is the power curve. This one looks at dirt crit 1 vs dirt crit 3. Conditions can play a part but the dirt crit 3 line staying above the dirt crit 1 line the majority of the time is a good thing and what I hope to see.

Improving speed is not just about power numbers, somtimes seeing your self in action you can pick out ways to speed up, I think I found some from this video.

Dirt Crit #3 from bob arnold on Vimeo.

See you Thursday!

62 days til cross!

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