Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dirt Crit 3

Another great turnout tonight despite 90+ degree weather. I count close to 50 A racers driving to the hole.

Had a good race tonight. Only draw back was I missed the lead group by just a hair, poor start was the reason for that.

Regardless it was an awesome race with big efforts. Came in 6th or 7th, will have to wait till Ralph posts the final results. Will add more race details on Friday and was near Bob at the end, so there may be race video.

Power Analysis
Conditions: Perfect
Placing: 6th or 7th
Weight 137 lbs
Time: 0:29:00 (PT fell off due to near crash with 1.5 laps to go, race was longer than 29 min)
Avg Speed: 16.8
Distance: 8.15 miles
Average Watts: 241w
Normalized Power: 249w
Max Power: 790w
Mean Max 5-secs: 732w
Mean Max 10-secs: 512w
Mean Max 20-secs: 429w
Mean Max 30-sec: 362w
Mean Max 1-mins: 322w
Mean Max 2-mins: 291w
Mean Max 5-mins: 274w
Mean Max 20-mins: 248w
Mean Max 30-mins: 235w
Kilojoules: 416kj
TSS: 41.1
IF: 922
Through tonight PMC Chart - tonight I did enjoy top 5 - 20 min and 30 min power averages for the year. Temp on Friday then spend a few days in rest mode.

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