Friday, July 23, 2010

Dirt Crit 4

This week the Tour is over, next week Dirt Crits come to an end. I am going to be going through same major with drawl, may need some medication.

Last night had some ups and downs. The good part was seeing some "best" power numbers for the dirt crits this year. They were in the 2 min and under range. The bad was the 10, 20 and 30 min power numbers suffered a bit. I hit a bad spot feeling the heat at one point in the race, but recovered and finished strong.

These guys took the hole shot, I tried to get into that group but my start was just not strong enough.
Pirtle Eric
Matthews John
Ploch Chris
Rivers John
Bock Jeremy
Arnold Bob
McCarthy Dan
Geroge Rick

I hit my bad spot of the race and saw these guys pass me
Ogilvie Scott
Sandknop Greg
Hafner Zack
Palecek Zdenek

Then came
Neis Dave
Black Drew

I tucked in behind Drew and Dave as Drew pulled us back to Zdenek. The next few laps we were flying as Drew set a hard steady pace. There was a draft to be had so I took some time to recover.

With two laps to go Zdenek moved to take the lead and soon after I took 2nd wheel as we gaped Drew and Dave. With one to go we started to catch Rick George. My last lap game plan was to move ahead of Zdenek just before the creek crossing, power through the creek and set a high pace to the end. It worked as I came around Zdenek but he stayed close, took a better line around the telephone pole turn by the road near the end and moved ahead. We did catch Rick at the end only to see Zdenek nearly taking out his team mate by the creek crossing where the chain link fence keeps you from dropping into the creek. It was harry and a bit of a risky move for a Thursday night cirt. I slowed up at this point and soft pedaled in from there.

Fun night for sure, ended p 12th or 13th.

56 days til cross!

Power Analysis
Conditions: Perfect
Placing: 12th or 13th
Weight 137 lbs
Avg Speed: 17.5 (fastest average speed so far)
Distance: 10.25 miles
Average Watts: 225w
Normalized Power: 237w
Max Power: 788w
Mean Max 5-secs: 736w
Mean Max 10-secs: 628w
Mean Max 20-secs: 491w
Mean Max 30-sec: 425w
Mean Max 1-mins: 340w
Mean Max 2-mins: 302w
Mean Max 5-mins: 269w
Mean Max 10-min: 251
Mean Max 20-mins: 234w
Mean Max 30-mins: 226w
Kilojoules: 473kj
TSS: 44.9
IF: 0.877

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