Monday, April 19, 2010

Tour of Hermann year 3 in the books

This year goes down as the best of the three in my opinion. Weather was perfect, volunteers were awesome and from what I could tell from rider feedback all weekend long the racing was perfect for them too.

It was a blast putting this race on. Seeing so many from all over the place come to Hermann to enjoy the town and races is just awesome. I even get to see old friends from up in Iowa where Dawndi and lived before moving here.

My thanks goes out to all that helped me put this race on, my wife especially; she gets to see the race from in side the ropes all year long, she really shined this weekend as my right hand go to person, she is amazing!

There are others that help too for the majority of the year, Michelle and John, volunteer and vehicle coordinators along with the Baumstark brothers who spent countless hours helping me put up and take down a storage shed full of hardware all weekend long. Great job!

Big thanks to Montagues B&B/ BBQ for letting us stage our meetings all weekend long at your place, great to have a spot like this to meet with officials and conduct other pre race meetings... thanks Louie!

And to the 88+ volunteers in yellow shirts, you did an excellent job! Everyone gets better and better at this year over year, the volunteer team is becoming more and more experienced and it shows. Well done, and thank you!

And finally the residents of Hermann who put up with the street closures and inconveniences to there normal routine, thank you, it is much appreciated.

Today is clean up day, paper work and listing the things to help make the race better next year, and there are things that will change to help make thing smoother from an execution perspective. Dawndi and I have already started talking about how we can make Sunday prize payout work better along with many other items.

Again thank to all and we'll do it again next year!


  1. Jeff,

    Thanks again for a top notch event. I had a great time and am looking forward to next year.... but am mostly looking forward to cross this fall;)


  2. MAN! What an event. Congratulations.
    You are the one who really needs the recognition and thanks.

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  4. Thanks for a great race, Jeff and Dawndi! Thanks to all who helped you as well. Wild Card Cycling will be back in 2011.