Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back to Normal

Things are getting back to normal around here. Tour of Hermann buzz is wearing off and my focus is getting back to training.

I had to do some fancy estimations to my training load chart so not to let it think I was just sitting back in a lawn chair sipping margaritas during the days of the Tour. Otherwise my CTL would have dropped like a rock and my training stress would show positive which I know for sure it is not.

So here is what I look like right now. Running a 67.8 training load after today's workout and a (-6.1) Training Stress score. Feeling good about this, last year my peak CTL was 57. My focus is to keep adding to my fitness and not forcing too much intensity for now.

Plan is to hit up Greensfelder on Sunday, however I don't think that will happen due to the rain, so my back up plan is to join the Red Wheel guys for a long gravel ride.

Next week is a rest week, I'll get fully on top of recovery then next month things take off, three MTB races, finally!

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