Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tour of Hermann behind the scenes part 2

Started the day at 3:30am, hard to sleep when you know you have an inbox full of new registrations to process. Plus I like to see who has signed up. The Cat 4/5 road race is about to fill up and most of the 9 to 10:15am Time Trial slots have been filled.

Part of the event is street management. Many months ago I contacted MODOT to have the bridge and shoulders cleaned for the TT. Monday I made the follow up call, things went OK but they made me nervous as to when they would clean it. I started forming back up plans just in case. My worries were over this afternoon on my ride as I found they had been there that AM, all clean and ready to go.

Now for the crit course. Crews were out yesterday and will be out today working to make it as smooth as they can. Then they will start to sweet the course. Believe it or not, it takes almost all day to clean the crit course with the big city sweeper. Looks like rain on Friday so all will have to be completed by then. Weekend looks dry, cool and sunny!

Checked on the start ramp for the TT today too, here is what it looks like now before we put it together Saturday early AM.

By afternoon I was caught up so I took off for a few hours to ride. The trees are nearly full this year with leaves, last year it was so cold leading up to and on race day that I don't think there was one tree full of leaves. Many will get sun burns I think this year.
Won $7 bucks at t the lottery today! Whoo Hoo!
The day ended with the appreciation dinner for the volunteers. Montague's BBQ served us up right. Many who attend last night are veterans of the Tour, they have helped the last two years and again on board this year. It's fun to ease drop on conversations as they tell tails of there past experiences.
Last day to register is today (Wednesday)


  1. Jeff - Just amazing. You work hard and the the number of entrants that you have is a real honor to all that you do.
    Good luck - I sure that you are ready

  2. John - Iowa is represented well again this year!