Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tour of Hermann - Behind the scenes Part 1

So what's it like putting on a bike race some may ask? It's allot of work, planning and attention to detail but a whole lot of fun to see it come together.

For the Tour of Hermann it all starts almost right after it ends. First thing is getting city approval. That has been an easy one as the City is 100% behind the event.

Then comes contacting MODOT and county officials to make sure they are OK with all the racers on the roads. They too have been great! The riders make the difference here.

Things really heat up come October when it's time to generate funding for the event in the form of sponsors and race magazine sales plus other marketing related items.

One month before race day it's time to get all the volunteers secured, over 88 volunteers it takes for this one and I'm happy to report that all have been secured. I think some of the volunteers have as much fun as the racers, some really like to do this and look forward to it. Once couple enjoys is so much they have "their" corner/intersection for the road race and crit. They own this spot each year until they no longer want it.

Another group comes out of St Louis, one of the departments for the Bank I work for makes is an annual thing, they help with the crit and love it, even when it rains. Volunteers is what makes this event run smooth.

There is a boat load more not listed, that would take forever to list and bore most, but you get the idea; details, details, details.

This week is super busy, I take the week off work to get everything done and ready.

This is command central for the week as I process each rider and their entry.

Yesterday I finished up making signs.
The shed keeps getting bigger, this is where it's all stored and comes out on race day.

As always I like to end the day with a beer!
Check back on Wednesday for more behind the scenes activities..........

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