Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Pre-view

So the saying goes "April showers bring May flowers"... let's just hope the showers are over with already and some of these trails dry for the weekends so I can get some trail riding in.

May is another big month of training. Training load increase is the focus again this month but now I move away from what was almost all base last month to some tempo level stuff, some intensity and racing, three are on my schedule.

Early each week my higher intensity stuff is 5x5 min at 300w. I like these because I get to see progress as the month moves on, the first week sets the bar as to what I can do, then it's all about beating the week before. It will be hard to average 300w for all 5 intervals, but by the end of the month the goal is to nail all 5.

So I've been trying to get out to Greensfelder for a few weeks now but the formentioned rain seems to downpour on Friday killing any chance I have to get out there. Tons of great feedback about the trail all over the place so I can't wait to get out there. Local guy Shaun, who finally seems to be getting his bike mojo back, and I plan to make a trip there Wednesday to pre-ride just in time before Saturdays race.

Then on the 16th is one of my favorite races, Rhetts Run. That trail is awesome. If rain kills it my back up plan is the Helbender Road Race on my cross bike.

Then on the 23rd is a super top secret race at a super top secret location that I can't speak of with a roster of riders that is super top secret too, I may have already said to much...... I'm sure a most excellent race report will follow, unless of course I am sworn to secrecy.....

In just a few min I'm out the door for what I hope to be a 100 mile weekend. Mix of gravel and road in store for today and I may find my way over and around the Vino Fondo route to see if I see any crazies are out that way. I think about 100 riders have signed up for the big ride that comes through Hermann.

Till next time....

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