Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bringing in the New Year Right

Brought in the new year right with a 3 hour gravel grinder with some of the Hermann Crew. Shaun (pictured below), his brother in law, and Danny all head headed out with me for what was a great day for riding.

Cross bike is home but missing the rear wheel. UPS did not shop ground Tue or Wed of this week due to the holiday, so the cassette I need is in transit. Might be here on Friday so I'll have it for Sunday's Cross race. Should be a good time with the typical bubba series set up with an added relay at the end of the day. Shaun, Louie and I plan to team up for the relay.

I hope the cassette is here, if not I'll run the new front wheel with my old wheel on the back. Either way I'll get to race the new sram stuff. I took the bike out before the gravel grinder to play around with it a bit. The weight savings is very noticeable, and sram shifting is very nice, so far very happy with the upgrade.

Happy New Year


  1. Good luck with the X race Sunday. The relay sounds like an interesting addition to the event.

  2. i don't see any snow and ice on those gravel roads, jeff. what's up with that? :)

  3. O' thank goodness there is no snow... can't tell you how much I don't miss that stuff all over the place for months....