Monday, January 05, 2009


First ever Cross-Ocalypse cross race is in the book. Not sure if it was the good luck wish from my wife, or the awesome breakfast the Louie made for the local Dogfish crew at his restaurant, or the new bike or what… but it all turned out to be a good day with a 2nd place showing. Granted there were only 6 of us in the A race, but I’ll take it.

The day’s objective really was to see how the new bike would handle. The course ended up being perfect for this as it had a bit of everything from loose sand and gravel, hill run up, downhill off camber section, deep mud and bumpy ground. Overall the bike was perfect. The wheels seems to carve their own line through the thick mud with ease, tubeless tires seemed to glide over the bumps and held exceptionally well to the ground, the Sram shifting was awesome with zero learning curve and finally the near 4lbs weight reduction was noticeable especially during the later part of the race. Very happy with the bike. Thanks to Revolution Cycles in Washington for putting this thing together for me.

I have some photos and video of the day that I’ll get posted later. Thanks Rich and crew for a great time!

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  1. Jeff - Congratulations on the good results.