Monday, December 15, 2008

Nationals Final Day

What an awesome experience yesterday was. Fans everywhere, lots of shout outs and getting to race with big dogs was a treat.

photo stolen from here

I lasted 35 min before this guy and some other big names came rolling by.

Once I was done I headed to the car for a quick change into somthing warm and then back to the race to watch it end.

I have a few video shots that I'll post later.

Great time, would do it again for sure!


  1. Jeff - I can't believe you let that guy catch you.
    When do we find out where 2009 Nats are going to be held?
    Racing with the very best pros must have been some treat.

  2. Way to mix it up with the big dogs! and by big, I mean a 39" inseam. see ya at cxmas!

  3. Way to roll it. That had to be the coolest moment ever (ever if it meant getting lapped) to watch Tree Farm come rolling past you.