Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nationals Day 1 35-39 plus

Day one in the books. Tough course with tons on climbing. Started way back about 90th or so out of 106 riders.

Most of the race was about trying to improve on my starting spot. Had a good 1st half to the race, feeling good and moving up. Then about 20 to 25 min into it I stared to feel it and began to slow. Held my spot OK as I was only passed by a few. Ended up 59th.

Results are here

Thanks to all the folks out there giving me shout outs!

Today will an experience for sure. I know I'll get lapped then I'll pull over and watch it till the end.

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  1. Good job, Jeff. Way to put it out there. That is some very fast company that you are keeping - well done.