Friday, December 19, 2008


2008 was no doubt a good year. After moving to Missouri in May of 06, most of which was a settling in period to new job and town, racing was much of a non event.

2007 was getting to know the area, races and all that goes into learning a new place.

2008 saw some familiarly, met some great people, promoted a few events, raced in a team event with Dawndi, and I developed a deep desire to race cross. Not sure what it is about cyclo-cross, but for me it IS the best cycling disciple there is.

So what’s the plan for 2009?
  • It’s all about getting ready for cross, everything else regarding non cross races leading up to September will be secondary.
  • I’m having some significant improvements made to the cross bike. It gets re-built over Christmas; I’ll post picks of that latter. Thanks to Revolution Cycles!
  • Getting some help with my annual training plan
  • Focus will be on MTB races during winter, spring and summer leading up to fall cross vs. a Crit and road race schedule. Thanks to the Mid West Fat Tire Series promoters there are a lot of races to choose from. My 2009 schedule is heavy with MTB races to help improve handling skills and because of the similarity they have with cross.
That’s the plan Stan…

This week I’ve been doing nothing. My legs are so worn out from the cross season, it’s taking some time to get rested. May get on the bike some Saturday and plan to do the CXmas non race on Sunday, I won’t be going fast, I’ll be there to ride and enjoy the 20 degree temps with some guys from Hermann and the crazy Team Seagal crew.

The bike build should be done when I get back from Christmas break for a test run at Cross-Ocalypse at Valley Park Jan 4th.

Hers is my preliminary schedule for next year ( some assumptions have been made to dates)

22- Feb Froze Toes RR
8-Mar Oz Epic MTB
22-Mar Lost Valley MTB
29-Mar Rim Wrecker MTB
5-Apr Dogwood RR
11-Apr Ultramax Team Duathlon with Dawndi (Saturday)
4/18 19 Tour of Hermann Promotion no racing
5-May Washington Crit
9-May Castlewood Challenge MTB
24-May Velo Memorial Day wkend Race
25-May Velo Memorial Day wkend Race
7-Jun Rhetts Run MTB
6/13 14 Route 66 Team Du with Dawndi/ Sate Road Race
21-Jun Tour of Winghaven
25-Jun Thur Dirt Crit MTB
2-Jul Thur Dirt Crit MTB
9-Jul Thur Dirt Crit MTB
7/16 19 MO State TT / Thur dirt crit
7/23 26 Thur Dirt Crit/ Show me sate games MTB
7/30 8/2 Thur Dirt Cri / Mo State Crit
9-Aug Spanish Lake MTB
23-Aug Otterville Road Race
5-Sep Binder Lake 6 Hour MTB
9/12 13 Castle Wood MTB / Hermann Bear Cat Cross
19-Sep Hermann Cross Under the Lights
27-Sep Greensfelder MTB
Oct Burnin At the Bluff 6 Hour MTB ?
18-Oct Bubba Cross
25-Oct Bubba Cross
8-Nov Bubba Cross
15-Nov Bubba Cross
22-Nov Bubba Cross
29-Nov Bubba Cross
6-Dec MO State Cross Championships 35+
12/12 13 Cross Nationals if in KC

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  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    What, no Fat Tire Duathlon events or Bone Bender 3/6 MTB Odyssey???

    I see how it is....