Friday, July 11, 2008

Dirt Crit

Shaun and I headed to Castle wood for the 3rd Velo in the dirt MTB crit. Last time I was at Castle wood was a year or more back with Pete Basso who was in town for some after work trail rideing.

Anyway, looked like a good turn out with about 26 in the A race and at least that in the B race plus a good hand full in the beginner. After a good warm up Shaun and I both lined up with the super fast A's. My goal was to start out in the back, set my own pace and try to work my way up. No much to report for my A race, passed a few guys like Brett and Rich from the Dogfish team only to be passed by them later. Ended that race in 15th.

Cleaned up a bit and got myself ready for the B race about 15 min later. Goal for this race was to go out hard and see how long I could hold it. Race started and I found my self in 2nd going into the single track. Passed the 1st place guy during the 1st lap and was passed by a Team Seagal guy to hold 2nd place. On the second lap I passed the Seagal guy and stayed in front for the rest of the race to take 1st place. Only mishap in the race was the piece of mud that flew in my eye, which was holding a contact, could not see so I had to dig out the contact while riding. Good thing my vision is not so bad I have to have them in.

Garmin data for A Race
Garmin data for B Race

Great time out there, thanks to all the folks that put this together!


  1. Great to see you come out last night. Next time take hwy 100 east at Gray Summit into town. Make a right at Keifer Creek just past McDondald's and Moore Auto Dealer. It turns south and then twists west and take that all the way to Castlewood. There also is a Bread Co on Manchester in Ellisville. It is a little set back from the road but easy to find so you can hit that on the way in or way out of town.

    Panera Wildwood Crossing (directions)
    16508 Manchester Road
    Wildwood, MO 63040

  2. great job yesterday. have you used the auto lap feature yet on your garmin? it gives great lap info. oh, and i think you meant brett. you coming out next week? looking forward again to racing next week. i'd almost rather do those races then a regular crit.

  3. James - took some of your suggested route home, seemed to be faster.

    Rich- that will be it for me on those races. Next time on the MTB will be Show Me State Games.

    Good job last night guys!

  4. Jeff - Good racing. What a Mt Biker!

  5. sorry to hear no more thursday dirt crits for you. if i don't go up for superweek, which is looking doubtful, i'll be there thursday.