Monday, July 07, 2008

Back to Hot

To think last weekend was cool enough to wear a light jacket due and I felt safe enough to only take along one water bottle on the 7 hills ride. That all took a swift turn to Hot yesterday, 90 degrees + and humid.

Despite the heat, Danny and I ventured out for a nice long workout. Ended up getting in 70 miles. Rest of the week I'll keep the workouts in the AM to avoid the week long heat spell with the exception of the dirt crit on Thursday. This should be a good time!

Not much racing going on in the local area for a couple of weeks. July 27th Show Me State Games MTB race is next on the list. Debating on if I'll do the State TT or not on the 20th?


  1. Dirt Crits looks good. Great day of TTT racing for us yesterday.

  2. Great turnout on your TTT John!