Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunday TT coming up

Signed up the other day for the State TT. I did this race two years ago when Dawndi and first moved to MO. Then I was racing as a Cat 4 for Bike Tech. Posted a time of 1 hour 5 min. This year the target is under 1 hour. May be a stretch for me but that is the plan. To help me, Jose was kind enough to let me barrow his super fast TT bike. Looks alot like this version, but all black and a three spoke wheel on the front. It this won't make me fast then I don't know what will.

I'm taking the bike on a test ride for some intervals today.

Gateway Cup registration starts Aug 1.


  1. You coming out to dirt crit this week? I road the course last night at the back of the park and it is very cross bike friendly. Might want to bring the mtn and cx bike tonight.

  2. Good luck in the TT - nice bike. That's 40K?
    Looking forward to your race report in the cup.

  3. James - not this week. Had some change of plans and will be there next week.

    JOhn - yep 40K - nice job at the BBQ Blues Race!

  4. Bring you cross bike as an option. I raced mine this week and it was pretty good. No flats, have to hold on good in the short single track sections. Great practice for the fall to work on bike handling and hammering the big ring.