Saturday, May 24, 2008

This past week

Down side to last weeks State RR was my race, upside was getting two guys, Shaun and Danny, from Hermann out to race, both first time road racers! They'll be back for more they said.

Casey working it for his 2nd place Cat 3 State RR placing!

That next Tuesday Jose, Shaun and I headed out for some miles. Jose was working on his TT skills along Hwy 94.

Later Jose gets a call, he knows people.

Then off for what ended being a nice 50 mile ride. Perfect weather that day.

Today was the Velo in the Valley TT. Great 20K course, loved it. Awesome course, great pavement through windy roads. And they used chip timing!

While I was waiting in line 12th place overall racer Joe Walsh came through for his first of two races.

8:26am start time, I'm up next!

I had a good race, personal goal was an average of 24mph, ended the day with an average of 24.32, good enough for 7th in the Cat 3's and 43rd overall. Full results here.

Real time results were ready for viewing seconds after each racer crossed the line, smooth!

Heart Rate data from race. (click on it to see a better view) All race data here

After the race Jose, David, Shaun, Marjin and I headed out for a ride. Marjin had a flat right as we started, he told us to keep going so we did. David the local rider took us on a great route out to Six Flags and back, great roads and a few nasty hills.

Ride summary

Once we returned the race was over, results were up and they were near the end of the awards. 7th place was good enough for $20.


  1. jeff, good job makin' your goals. you gonna race in o'fallon next week?

  2. Thanks Rich, I won't be there next week, but will be at TOW in two weeks.

  3. Nice report and nice pics. I'd love to have a copy of the results pic from the Valley TT.

  4. Jeff - Good racing and results.

  5. Boz.. click on photo to make it large, then save it from there. You should get the original size and quality. If not email me and I will email you a copy yielding(at)

    Thanks John, look forward to your Memorial Day race weekend update.

  6. Jeff,

    How does someone with a bad english accent get your email?

    Chris Henning

  7. Chris, what's up old friend?

    email me at yielding(at)