Monday, May 19, 2008

State Road Race

Not much to report about Sunday's race after being shelled out the back during the 1st lap 3/4 of the way up the big hill 20 miles out. Once over the top Klages and two other guys put on a nice chase for about 7 miles but never made it back on. After conceding that we would never catch I fell off and began the thought process of "do I do another lap or not". I choose to finish and made the turn for another 35 miles.

About 7 miles into the 2nd lap the 50 plus guys came up to me, I latched on to the back of that pack for the rest of the race.

Ended the day in 25th, guess that's better than a DNF.

Team did well with Casey in 2nd, Rich and Denny 12 and 13th.

I brought local Hermann cat 5 racers Shaun and Danny with me, they placed 31st and 36th. Jose was acting in a local play or he would have made the trip too.

So now the Road Race season is over. Froze Toes and Dogwood were my two best. Froze Toes I placed the best, with Dogwood I felt the best. It's a bummer I got sick for a week just before the State race, the power I felt at Dogwood, not there.

Next up, base miles for 3 weeks with a focus on September Gateway Cup races. Then it's Cyclocross season!

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