Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday Ride

Danny, Jose and headed out early before the heat for a nice Sunday ride.

Worked with MODOT this year to install bike signs along the roads we ride to help bring awareness, the first of these signs have been posted. All part of the Hermann Area Cycling project. What we are doing here in Hermann must be working, I've seen many more bikes in town. I think the new bridge helps and the focus we've put into marketing Hermann as a place for cyclist to come and enjoy helps too.

Jose winning the race from the back.

Danny on a break away along the Berger bottoms. He put in a nice effort down there before heading back into the hills.

Some dude from NASCAR was at the New Haven Casey's store handing out Klondike Bars, good photo opp. Danny and Jose much to shy to get in front of the camera for this one.

Jose had to get home so he peeled off early. Danny and I moved on stopping one more time at Swiss Meats for more water. If you are ever in this area, stop by Swiss Meats, good stuff.

Before Jose took off he showed off some of his acting skills.

Ended the day with 75 miles - good times.

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