Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tour of Hermann is just days away

Two days left before the big weekend most everything is ready to go. Corners are cleaned up, MODOT did a sweep of the bridge and shoulders along the TT course Wednesday(City will do another sweep on Friday) and pre-registration is closed. 151 racers on Sat and 190 have signed up for the weekend. Thanks to all the pre-registered, many more than what I had expected.

Today I head to STL to pick up the MOBRA supplies and take care of any last minute details, things get started Friday night with pre-packet pick up at Stone Hill Winery.


  1. Jeff and Dawndi - have a "swift" weekend and lots of fun - love your daily runs of cycling. Miss you and love you, Dad and Jere

  2. Jeff - best of luck with the big event. I know you have done everything to make it the best. Now, what are your plans to control the weather?
    Hope to see a lot of pictures and race reports.

  3. keeping fingers cross rain will not impact the weekend...

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