Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tour of Hermann 2008 in the books

Well that was fun! What a great turn out both Sat and Sun. All the volunteers and officials did a very nice job making this weekend a success, and of course the great riders that worked their tail off, especially today up the Gutenberg Wall today.

Great feedback received from riders today, many thoughts and ideas in my head already for next year.


  1. Jeff - Congratulations. Great weather, turnout and racing - nice pictures too. And how about that hill - that ought to sort em out.
    But I know what made you race go - it is your leadership and organizational skills. Mike Johnson did that for us, but the weather - the weather she was a bad one.

  2. On tonights group recovery ride we were commenting on your Tour of Hermann and the great success it was. Chris Congdon asked what was in happening (I think) in Missouri and John commented - Jeff Yielding is happening in Missouri. Way to go and race and organize and motivate the racing community. Wish you were still here for our BTR team - but you are doing great things in Hermann and for MO racing. Looking forward to the future endeavors - great job,


  3. Thanks for the comments John and Kat, learned all I know for the Finchford race!