Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a miserable day

Woke up to wet, windy and cold conditions... yuck. No matter, I was determined to face what ever came my way. With a long hard workout planned I needed to get out there and make it happen.

Jose called just before the 8:30am start to back out, too cold, Danny I did not think would make it, and sure enough he was a no show, but die hard Shaun made it, this guy will ride in all kinds of conditions.

We headed out the Bond bridge for a 10 mile warm up then TT on the Tour of Hermann race route. It was spitting cold rain at the time and the wind was stiff out of the North, we pressed on. After the TT I was so wet and cold I knew my plans for two laps on the Road Race course would not happen, told Shawn I was calling it a day and headed home. The rest of the day was more of the same, just when things looked to clear up more wet cold stuff would drop from the sky. All in all a miserable day. Just glad the race was not this weekend, would not have been much fun for the racers or the volunteers.

Things look to turn for the better next week with warm sunny days.. a close watch on the weekend will be in-store as Sat and Sun is the Tour of Hermann. 103 have signed up for the TT with 134 signed up for the RR, 75% are racing both days.

Thursday and Friday I'll take off from work to get the course cleaned up, trip to STL to pick up SWAG and MOBRA supplies, generally get everything ready for the weekend. Look for lots of photos and video from the event.

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