Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bubba Race #2 Creve Coeur Park

I've had better days is about all that can be said for my poor performance today. No excuses to be had or looking for, but plenty of thinking of what to do better next time.

First half of the race went well as I headed out fast with the leaders. Strangest event that I've had racing took place halfway through the 1st lap. Team mate Dennis was in front of me chasing down Dan who took off right from the start. As we entered the single track section full of roots, dirt pot holes and uneven ground, Dennis goes down hard and fast. I'm right on his wheel at this point, I see him go down, his bike goes sideways over him and the rest is amazing. Somehow I either bunny hopped over him or just rolled over him, not sure which. The end result was I kept my line and kept going...weird.

Talked with Dennis after the race, he's beat up, but OK. He actually flatted both tires in the crash (I think that is what he said), made a visit to the pit for new wheels, kept going, flatted again, another visit to the pit, new wheel, then finished the race. Nice job man!

Back to the race, like I said I had a good first half then faltered big time falling back, back and more back. The rest was history, ended up 14th.

Others did well, check out the B race video below... I'm off to see if Boston can win a trip to the big game.

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  1. Jeff,

    Great video, looks like karma was with you at the crash at le Coeur . One of those days, glad you finished safely and on to the next race as always. Pedal on.


  2. Very nice - I liked it at 2:40 and 4:40 very good. Bring on Bubba #3.
    WE had some great racing yesterday - in spite of 3 flats for BTR. You should have seen Kat - raced twice.
    Any chain ring marks on your team mate?

  3. Jeff,

    I do have chain ring marks on my upper right thigh near the top of the hip bone. I also think you ran over my lower right leg. A couple good abrasion marks and swelling down there.

    Have to take it easy this week and let the leg heal. Looking forward to racing this weekend.

    Weird injuries, think I got hurt more from you riding over me than the fall.

    Next time I am going to ride over you....


  4. Denny,

    Sorry about the marks..... you may not get the chance to run over me, your always in-front.....

  5. Bring on the next Bubba.
    Good luck.