Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bubba #3 - Spanish Lake

Perfect day for a cross race, rains this week eliminated the dust bowl type racing we’ve had the last two weeks and the sun was out helping warm things before the 1:15 start time.

Started race mid pack for most of the race, settled into a steady pace looking for opportunities. Not much to report for most of the race till the group I was with starting to make up ground on the main chase group. This group included spots 7th through 12th or so.
With two laps to go we finally closed the gap and moved to the front. There was one Big Shark racer in front of me who I followed to the end of the 2nd lap and into the final lap. Just after the beginning of the lap there was a down hill section with a quick 180 back up that caused the Big Shark guy to wash out his front tire as he turned to go back up allowing me pass by.

This section was a good place to try and break away due to the single file nature we had to take through this section. I made a quick decision to go for it. To my surprise I was able to catch a break and stay away for the last lap crossing the line in 7th.

Tons of good stuff where this photo came from here.


  1. Well alright - looks like you had a great day at the races - right on and good job!


  2. Good Job. How are the series standing going for you? Jingle Cross is just around the corner. Are there any of your Dogs coming up for the best event in the the ah around?