Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tour of Missouri/ Event T- Shirts for Sale

I have 17 T shirts left over that were made for the King of the Mountain and 7 Hills ride event held here over the ToM weekend.

They are very cool, brown in color, those who have worn them always get complimented on how cool a shirt it is.

The sales from these shirts will be donated to the Local Hermann Cycling fund used to promote cycling in the city of Hermann.

Cost is $6 plus shipping

100% cotton

Here are the sizes I have left. I'll update the quantities as they are sold. First come first serve.

  • S = 2
  • M = 4
  • L = 0
  • XL = 0
Email if interested


  1. Jeff - I'll take a medium. Very nice. Can we do the deal at Jingle Cross?
    And how did the X raace go for you today?
    We had some very fine racing at psyclofest.

  2. Gotcha down for a M John, I'll bring it with me to the Jingle race.

    Today's race not so good, race report and video up before the night is out.