Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tour of MO News

Met with the director of tourism for Hermann and a number of other folks yesterday to talk about the Tour of MO. Hermann has the good fortune of being a pass-through town during stage 5 of the race Saturday the 15th. Nothing official yet but it looks like the race will come into town, head out to Stone Hill Winery then back to Hermannhof Winery as it heads out of town via hwy 100 to Washington. There may even be a sprint point in Heramnn... details of the route might be out in the next few days.

So we talked about what events Hermann can host to bring folks into town and make this weekend something special. Lots of good things came out this meeting with talk of a Friday night KOM race/ TT, 7 Hills of Herman ride Saturday AM before the race comes into town, kids race and much more. I'm helping with the KOM race logistics/ planning and helping with the Saturday ride. We meet again next week......this is going to be a fun couple of days!

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  1. What fun. The Hill TT sounds like a great plan. I'm watching Vino do some serious climbing in effort to catch back on the group. He'd have a good time in Hermann.