Friday, July 06, 2007


Lately things have been good, just trucking along with my training plan of 3 swims, 3 bike and 3 runs each week. The Hermann TT is on hold till the afternoon temps cool down. Training in 94 degree heat is not my thing. Actually I don't think you get a very good workout, to much energy spent trying to cool down. Now if you training to race in the heat that's another story.

Added another level of safety to my swimming. Last week this's a belt that will inflate with a pull of string ....
I wear this now while training and will wear it when I race open water swims.


  1. Jeff - What's happenin? I miss your blog reports and Pete Basso's brother in the tour. I like Vino and some of the younger Discovery guys and of course my man Chris H. ARe you able to watch the tour at your desk this year? I can take some time and watch the finish while at work. I'm still very excited about the tour.
    Are there some bike races that you can work into your Tri schedule?

  2. Hey John,

    Not much of a tour watcher this year other than reading velo news... looking for Levi to make a move after the sprinters have there time in the spot light.

    I've been spending lots of time training solo for the next race. Not much to write about till race day. I actually like the one race a month plan, I have lots of house projects to attend to that I enjoy too.

    Looks like you are having another great year, keep it up my friend!