Saturday, June 23, 2007

Who Tris Harder Race Report

500 yard swim

19 mile bike

3.1 mile run

Today's Who Tri's Harder Octomax Triathlon at Innsbrook resort was my first go at this type of racing. I've been planning and training for this event for the past few months with higher intensity work outs and lots of swimming.

Being this was my first swim I did lots of reading on what to expect, best place to position my self in the group ect. The promoter sent all 100 plus men in the Octomax group off at once. One thing I read was stay to the side to avoid much of the flying arms and legs. I did this and it worked about great. I had little trouble with other swimmers and was able to see great.
I knew going in my swim would be slow, after all I think I have a total of 15 swims under my belt. I asked Dawndi to keep track of my placing after this swim, I was in about 45 place.
  • Time: 10:30
  • Average HR:179

Here are some shots from the swim

Out of the water I had to run up a grass hill to the bike transition area. Took me 2 min 32 seconds to get there, change and mount the bike for the 19 mile ride ahead.

I never did hear Dawni tell me I was in 45th place but I knew I had lots of ground to make up. My race strategy was to let the swim be what it will be then hammer the bike.
The course was a rolling hills route coupled with a few short steep sections. My legs felt great so I pushed up the hills hard. Right from the start I was passing people, the frequency of this made me feel like I was flying and gave me tons of motivaton to go fast. No one passed me during bike leg

  • Time 53 min 39 seconds
  • Average HR 175
Only took me 1 min 21 seconds to transition from bike to run and off I went for the last leg. What I was happiest about was how fresh my legs felt. I read a tip the other day that said to help get your legs ready for the run stand up several times in the last few miles of the bike, I think this technique helped.
The only issue I had was a small cramp in my hamstring but that worked its self out. The run route was much like the bike course, rolling hills with a few steep sections.

Feeling great and seeing no one behind me I just kept up a steady pace to the finish line.

  • Time 23 min 2 seconds
  • Average HR 178

Now it was time to see where I ended up. I felt good about how I raced and thought I would at least place well. One thing I noticed was the folks at the finish line were clapping louder then what I normally hear.... strange.

Heard the announcer say the first print-out was posted, to my shock and surprise I placed 1st in my age group (35 to 39) and 4th overall! Now that feels good....

Final Results Overall

Final Results Age Group

So now I'm officially a triathlete.......

Made up a short video from the film Dawndi shot today. Click below to see it.


  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Well done!!

  2. jeff - Congrats. What a start to your Tri life. MOVE UP! Did you past any of the runners? And aren't you glad the swim isn't any longer?
    How about A Chequamegon vacation with the Bike Tech Racing Team? Some good riding and a really good time with the old team. We have a large cabin rented for several days. Give it some thought.

  3. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Congratulations Jeff,

    Really nice to see your training is dialed in and the results are there!

  4. congrats jeff! that's awesome!

  5. You Tri-ed hardest!! Congrats and thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. That a boy!!! Tri's are the best!

  7. congrats, jeff! great job! great video!