Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whats Next

After Saturdays race I had to take it easy a bit as my hamstring was tight and sore to the touch. That seems to have worked its self out and feels normal again.

I then spent Tuesday and Wednesday working on what I call a Yard Work Endurance workout.

To complete this workout successfully you must..
  1. Plan on 2 hours
  2. Stay in zone 1 and 2
  3. Use the many yard tools you have for digging
  4. Move dirt from one area of your yard to another
  5. Pick up and move large boulders.
  6. Repeat over and over staying hydrated at all times

The result is more progress on the rock wall I have been building this year. It's getting close to completion!

Next weekend things pick up with a structured plan as I get ready for my next race: Show Me State Games Tri. Jose has raced this one several times giving it good feedback. The same folks that ran last weekends race direct this one.

Till next time....

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