Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Training update

Monday I went out for a nice swim. Threre is someting therputic about getting the water at 6:30 am, no wind, water is like glass, nature making its sounds.... it's very nice.

Then I get in the water with my horrid technique and scare all that peace and tranquility away :)

I have been reading several on articles on technique this week, I'll be taking some of those to the lake today. Right now I'm not worried about distance, just working on technique. The breathing is the hardest part...eager to try out some of the things I read about.

Thought it was going to rain Tuesday so I headed out early before work for a near 3 hour workout. Got in a nice 8 mile run, pacing at 7:24, then on the cross bike for a 20 mile ride and finally attempted to run again. My legs were toast so I only got in one additional mile of running after the bike.

And of course it did not rain so I could have done the time trial that night... I was better to be safe then sorry.


  1. Ok really Jeff, stop rubbing it in! ;)

    My advise on swimming is to get to a masters swim class or take a private lesson or two. Why? Technique is hard to learn from books, and very easy to learn by watching someone and having them watch you.

  2. Hey Jeff... Thanks for the tip, I think I'll check to see if there are any swim classes around here.